#28DaysofGratitude – Day 12

Some days will just be remembered for a really really long time! I woke up today at 3:45 AM with the sound of my phone buzzing away.. (Side Note: I know I should be sleeping with my phone away from me, but that’s not the point here. I’m not addicted to my phone! :P) I woke up to umpteen messages of my dear dear friend in the US having gone into labour !!! Sleep just vanished from my body and there I was, in the middle of the night, 14,356 kilometers away, waiting excitedly for the big moment! Finally a few hours later, she had given birth to a beautiful, adorable baby girl! We are a close-knit group of 6 friends and this is the first baby in our group! She has wanted to be a mom for so long, and she is sooooo ready for it! I am so so grateful that she finally got what she has wanted and I can only send all my good thoughts and energy her way!

Also, how awesome is technology, especially WhatsApp – here I was, thousands of miles away and I could be updated every minute along the way! And actually see this little baby girl, just minutes after she was born!

Good people raising kids right – that’s how the world will change! 🙂