Who Me ?

Hello Dear Reader ! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Purple Rain started as a personal blog in 2005, when I was studying Engineering. At the time, it was largely a diary to record my thoughts and ideas as a student, figuring life out, with my friends by my side. After that, I went to the US and finished my Masters degree and also worked in a large corporation for almost 4 years. Sometimes, when I read back the entries from those years, I am surprised at the greyness and complexity of my thoughts! I am a lot less intense now (I hope! :))

I moved back to India in 2014, took up a job in a new startup, got married, and got a dog! One of the downsides of this new life was that writing and blogging got moved down my priority list. The new WordPress blog is my attempt to invigorate myself and get back to something I love doing most!

I live in Bangalore, India with my husband and beagle, Obi. They will feature quite often in my writings. I love all things creative – be it photography, writing, painting or DIY’s. I am addicted to travel and try to sneak in a trip whenever time permits!

I hope you enjoy my writing, both old and new! If yes, do leave a comment and even better, subscribe! I will not disappoint, I promise! 🙂

Suparna! 🙂


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