“Sometimes we reach a point where, in order to move on, we have to wipe the slate clean..” – The Beaver

I’ve reached that point. Need to clean the slate. Have to make a new beginning…

But some idiot wrote on it with a permanent marker! Can someone seriously be that stupid? How do you not realize how destructive it can be! How do I clean this crap now?

Help! :-O


From Summer to Fall..

You know the seasons are changing when the Starbucks lady stops asking you if you want your White Chocolate Mocha hot or iced..(the idea of iced WCM doesn’t make sense in any case, but that’s a different topic). Coffee Specials shift from Frapuccinos to Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Grocery store sales move from barbecue paraphernalia to Halloween decorations.

Nature follows a more gradual approach to ease us into the change. You may need a light jacket when you leave for work at 7 AM but you still get enough heat the rest of the day to let you believe it’s still part-summer. The sun sets an hour early, but makes up for that by treating you to these brilliant hues of orange and red splashed across the sky so you can enjoy your drive back home. Trees shed their leaves but before they wither away, (if you’re on the East Coast) you get to marvel at the most spectacular Fall colors you’ll ever see.. There’s a perfect balance in everything.. Always a yin to the yang..

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was the same way? If everything was proportionate and justified? If the good came with the bad so that it didn’t seem so impossible to bear.. There’s something wrong in the design of the universe for sure. Right?

Or maybe we make it hard by adding our own variables to an already complex equation. Maybe we get too close to the expected outcome, not knowing how to accept any other alternative. Maybe things would be a lot simpler if we were all like Gautam Buddha- maintain a safe distance – from everyone and everything. No attachment = no pain. How simple can the equation get! Now if only someone deconstructed the “no attachment” part.. 😛

As you get older, you tend to contemplate a lot on how you have lived your life- the decisions you made, the people you trusted, the paths you chose to follow. How did you land up where you are? Was it the most ethical and fair decision you could have made at that point?

What if you step back for a minute and think about the decisions you did NOT make, the people you did NOT trust and the paths you chose NOT to follow.. Would the story of your life have been any different? What exciting adventures did you miss out on? Or maybe you were saved from a destructive avalanche! Could it have gotten better or did you escape something worse? Or maybe life doesn’t work that way- maybe all paths lead to the same unknown, elusive destination.. Maybe you eventually land up exactly where you’re supposed to be- its just a question of choosing country roads where you get to enjoy the slow drive, or taking the express-way..

The seasons are changing for sure.. A whole summer has gone by- what have I missed..
A comeback post that has more questions than answers- that’s not a good sign..