The thing about "too good to be true…"

You know how people say that if something is too good to be true, it probably is… ?! I seriously hope that these people got it wrong this one time..

Coz after a very very very long time, a lot of good things are happening at the same time, and I so so so hope that all this is as real as it can get.. 🙂

Anyways, I am a believer in buri nazar, so I am not going to divulge any details until everything is all set, which should hopefully be very soon. Until then, I’m pinching myself every minute and keeping my fingers tightly crossed hoping that this streak continues for a while.. I need it and so I humbly accept it! 🙂



Random things that have happened in the past few days; random thoughts that have crossed my mind..

  1. My group of friends from COEP had a reunion of sorts a few weeks ago. We all met at a friend’s place in Baltimore and hung out for the whole weekend. I think it was the most amazing, fun time I have ever had in a very very long time. It’s weird how things never change with some people, no matter how much time has passed since you last met. I mean I am in touch with a few of my closest friends from college, but I met a few friends that weekend after like 3 years; and it was still exactly the same- actually I think I had more fun with them than we did even when in COEP! Thank God for long-lasting friendships!
  2. The weekend in Baltimore also made me feel very old and grown-up.. There we all were- with jobs and cars, discussing about our companies; so many of us are engaged and getting married before the end of this year! Seems like yesterday that we all set foot in the US.. Does time pass this fast, really?
  3. Talking about time- I think I have spent so much time now in a transient state that the idea of “settling” in a place doesn’t appeal to me anymore.. I mean, I have always been a person who likes to make a place her own- even if it is one side of one bedroom in an apartment- I liked the feeling of owning a place and calling it mine- nesting as they call it. But now, being in one place for too long scares me, bores me and makes me nervous. Do I really have to work in this same company for the next few years now; stay in this same apartment year after year? I think while all people are moving forward, I’m moving backwards.. 😛
  4. Have you ever played that game where you think back to what you were doing on this day, a year back? I just realized that a year ago, on this day, I was gearing up for a very dear friend’s birthday party- planning this big surprise, wrapping up gifts and all…- and today, just a year later, I don’t know anything about that friend’s whereabouts! We are as good as strangers.. I hate this game!
  5. I firmly believe that people maketh a place a home. Windy, snowy, humid, dull, drab, tiny- none of these adjectives matter as long as you have the right people to share it with.. Man is a social animal. Man needs people to make life meaningful- the right people.
  6. I always thought new beginnings were exciting- the numerous possibilities, the excitement, the apprehensions- I loved all of that always! But now, I want to go back to things, the way they were. Old is gold. Starting over does not seem fun anymore. Shucks, I am feeling old already! 😛
  7. Speaking of age- I recently saw the picture of my younger sister on Sari Day in her college in India- man, she looks so grown-up and pretty! I was staring at that picture for 10 minutes, unable to accept the fact that my sister is so grown-up.. I think I am starting to understand how my parents feel when they see us get older each year..
  8. That Sari Day also doubled up as Rose Day in her college, so my sister was filling me in on the gossip and happenings of the day.. Apparently one of her friends’ boyfriend gave her 143 red roses. Why 143- I asked her, assuming that maybe they had been together for 143 days or something! So turns out that 143 stands for “I Love You” !! Man, have I been out of college for this long?!!?
  9. Is it possible to have a job that you love or do all jobs become dull and drab after a few months/years? I mean seriously, I need someone to tell me- is there a job that you can enjoy so much that Mondays don’t depress you anymore? You have fun over the weekend, but the idea of going back to work on Monday still seems exciting.. Please tell me that there is a job like that!
  10. I miss the World Cup- never have I felt more Indian than I did on the day of the semi-finals and finals! Man, what a game, what a team, what a performance! Hats off to everyone.. I felt happiest for Sachin Tendulkar actually- after 20 years in the sport, I think he deserved at least one WC win to his long list of achievements.. That joy and satisfaction was so evident on his face. Isn’t it amazing how one sport can unite the country to this extent?!