It’s been a while !!

New look. New name. And I officially announce that I’m back to blogging…..

Well, to begin with, I thought of writing a customary post about the past one semester (something on the lines of this one…) but somehow I don’t feel like reliving the past 3 months! Not because they’ve been the most terrible ones I’ve ever had to go through, but at the same time, they have, in no way, turned out to be like I expected… So I am considering myself memory charmed for the past 3 months and moving on…

Cut to the present. And this is probably the most amazing time I have ever had in a long long time. Doing nothing is really a privilege these days. And I’ve also discovered that I’m an expert at doing that, without actually feeling an iota of guilt !! 😉

Some valuable revelations:

– Playing ‘Life’ and ‘Uno’ is fun….wonder why I never played it more often before !!

– You don’t always have to read big, fat books that are high on literary quotient. One hour of the good ol’ Tinkle comics helps one to clear one’s thoughts !! Really !

– Mushy movies can be enjoyed tremendously even when you don’t have ‘someone’ to watch them with you… And they don’t leave you feeling all sappy in the end… How can a person not love While You Were Sleeping….its BEAUTIFUL !!!!

– My cat has learnt some really new antics, which I wasn’t aware of, till now!

– Its fun to stay up till 3 at night… Especially if you’re chatting with old school friends after months…

– Eating platefuls of bhajis and drinking tea on Sinhagad after a (hard?!) climb is a different feeling in itself…

– Same goes for getting wet in the first pre-monsoon showers!

– I haven’t listened to genuine ghost stories crammed up in a car at 8:00 pm, on the drive back from Sinhagad….ever !! Thanks Pari…

– I can effortlessly talk absolute gibberish with Akshay for on hour on the phone, and actually feel good about it in the end… 😛

– I rock at teaching… I could teach my sister Gravitation in one hour flat, and actually enjoy it much more than I did during my 12th !!

– Doing 30 lunges with 5 kg weights IS an accomplishment !! 😛

I guess this is what Gau means when she talks about ‘ayushyatlya chotya chotya goshtit ananda ghene’ (Translating specially for Anup, that means- taking pleasures in the smaller things in life…)

Now frankly speaking, I’m not very much of a ‘living-for-the-moment’ kinda person. Never have really understood the meaning of this philosophy. How can a person not think about what happens next?! But now I know that there’s a different kind of happiness in just setting yourself free at times.. 🙂