The First Post…

Heylo !!

I cordially welcome myself to Blogistan !! After getting truly inspired by the blogs of some of my friends and acquaintainces, I decided…time for me to do something as interesting as this…and 3 unsuccessful attempts at getting an account on blogspot and numerous trials at getting a suitable URL for my blog, later….SUPS comes alive today !!

Frankly speaking, I don’t really know if I need a blog…maybe not…or maybe I do. Probably I just look at it as a place to put up all that goes through my head !! About anything and everything under the sun…sometimes a tad too much of writing about seemingly insignificant matters !! Even the occassional lot of gibberish !! ;-);-)

And readers, the Shoutbox and Haloscan are all yours…feel free to comment !!

Here’s to blogging !! May it live a long long time !!